Jayne Mansfield Head

Jayne Mansfield's Head

The Hollywood sex symbol during the 1950's and early 1960's, a low budget Marilyn Monroe. Though she fluently spoke five languages and boasted of an I.Q. of 163, even the voluptuous Mansfield would admit her public didn't care about her brains. "They're more interested in 40-21-35," she once said.

For years they're been rumors that Jane Mansfield was decapitated in the fatal car accident that ended her life back on June 29th, 1967, in East Area of New Orleans, LA. Tragically the car she was driving crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer, which had slowed down because the truck in front of it was spraying for mosquitoes. She was sadly only 34 years old at the time.

A myth regarding her decapitated head began when photos surfaced of the crashed car with its top virtually sheared off, and what resembled a blonde-haired head tangled in the car's smashed windshield. There have been some reports that the blonde object in the photo below was a wig Mansfield was wearing, and possibly parts of her real hair and scalp. Her official cause of death was listed as Brain Trauma, so no, she was not decapitated.

Jayne Mansfield did not die in vain. Her death led to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requiring all semi truck trailers to be equipped with a DOT Bar. You know it better by it’s other name: the Mansfield Bar.

The car is still around til this day. As of 2019, the car is owned by Scott Michaels and is housed and shown at his Dearly Departed Tours & Artifact Museum in Los Angeles.

Extremely rare video of the morning after the crash above.

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