Whitey Bulger & His Friend Clarence Carnes's Funeral

Whitey Bulger paid for the funeral of one of Alcatraz prison's most infamous inmates, Clarence Carnes. Carnes was the youngest prisoner ever sent to the infamous Alcatraz, where Bulger also served time for bank robbery in the 1960's. Carnes, better known as "The Choctaw Kid", was the sole survivor of the prison's deadliest escape attempt, the "1946 Blast out," which resulted in seven deaths.

Believing he had no surviving relatives, prison officials buried him in pauper's grave at the Catholic Cemetery of Springfield. That fact was written into obituaries of Carnes that ran in newspapers nationwide. When Bulger learned of this, he had Carnes exhumed from a pauper's grave and brought home for a proper Indian burial, in the Eastern Oklahoma hill country.

Residents of tiny Daisy, Okla. still remember the day in early 1989, when Bulger, driving a rented Lincoln Continental and throwing around $100 bills, brought his old prison buddy Clarence Carnes home in a $4,000 bronze casket. Bulger later would write that he cherished his time in the Alcatraz Rec Yard, gazing at boats passing by and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just a few hours before the funeral, Bulger learned from one of the locals that Carnes's grand-nephew was jailed in Tulsa, 240 miles away. Whitey drove to Tulsa himself and bailed him out before the funeral. He also told people involved in the Oklahoma funeral that Carnes had taken care of him while he was imprisoned in Alcatraz, and eluded to having even possibly saved his life. Bulger would later order a $500 headstone that still remains over Carnes's grave til this day.

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