Andre The Giant & The Playboy Mansion

Actualizado: 9 de jun de 2020

Andre Roussimoff, better known as the wrestler Andre the Giant, wasn’t only a giant in stature: he was larger than life in every imaginable way. Andre The Giant stories are arguably even more legendary than his accomplishments in the ring.

A famous urban legend occurred in the early 1980's, at the legendary Playboy Mansion. The fondly remembered story is that at a party, Andre stacked five Playmates on top of each other, and then fucked all of them simultaneously with one of his giant hands. The urban legend also states that Andre was a great multitasker, giving everyone at the party a "High 5" while doing the now infamous act. I have to say this, if they added some of this as a scene in that film, "My Giant", it never would have flopped.

Sources at the time also stated that the thing that interested women most about Andre, at least in those early years was their curiosity about his giant-sized endowment.

Ric Flair said Andre the Giant was the best wing-man because he was such a mountain of a man. Flair jokes about the size of his fingers and feet and then says, “Need I say more?”

"They were attracted to him like he was a magnet. I don't know about his personal relationships with women, but I know the girls loved him." Hulk Hogan said in the HBO documentary, "Andre The Giant". Another crazy story is that of Hulk Hogan, who was working with Andre on house shows, but had gotten a little sloppy with his body slams and was hurting Andre's back. As the story goes, Andre went to slam Hogan, and “accidentally” slipped his thumb up Hogan’s butt. It was meant to teach him a lesson, and Hogan said he couldn’t walk upright after the match. He confronted Andre about it in the locker room, and Andre told Hogan to be more careful with his slams, or next time he’d get two fingers instead of just one thumb! OK if a low blow is considered illegal, sticking your thumb up an opponent ass hole should be added to the rules.

Lets face it folks, there will never be another Andre the Giant, who was loved by his fans and the world. He died at an early age of 46, when he passed away in his sleep of congestive heart failure at a hotel room in Paris. Andre has turned into a mythical character in pro wrestling folklore and urban legend since his passing.

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