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Tudor Style L.A House

The main set built for the picture was the home of upper-middle-class professionals Glenda Parks and Ira Parks (Goldie Hawn and Charles Grodin). There are unusual touches which reflect Glenda's warm personality and her penchant for aiding the down and outs of the world, whether human or animal. The Tudor style house consisted of a living room, dining room, study, kitchen, staircase, upstairs hallway, and pantry.

The residence used in the movie is located at 242 Avondale Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

The interior of the set house is larger than the real one, and the Tudor style was chosen for its fine workmanship and paneling. Everything was specially constructed, including the oak hardwood floors, the custom-cast staircase, the real brick walkway, the real asphalt driveway, and the custom made metal sash windows. The wallpaper was said to be custom designed in New York.

The house was painted in three tones of grey taken from the wallpaper. The muted grey were used because, the neutrality of the color allowed blonde star Goldie Hawn, to stand out against the background. Even the oak hardwood floors were stained grey.

The study is a contrast in style with its dark wood and red wallpaper. This was the Ira Parks (Charles Grodin) room in the film. The house was also decorated with collections of brass, patchwork, animal artwork, books, and antique-style furniture, all blending with the personalities and lifestyles of the home's occupants.

After a week of location shooting at Carmel By The Sea, the film company returned to Los Angeles for the majority of the filming, most of which was done on a large sound stage at the Burbank studios. Starting January 14, 1980, the sets were built over an eight week period by a construction crew of fifty carpenters, painters, and laborers. Five of the sets constructed on the Burbank sound stage were, a bedroom, a garage exterior with a staircase to the small apartment where Nick (Chevy Chase) hides. The courtroom for the film was constructed with real oak paneling.

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