Alcatraz Inmate Clarence Carnes - The Choctaw Kid PSYCHIATRIC SUMMARY

Actualizado: 10 de jun de 2020

Clarence Carnes. This photo was taken when Mr. Carnes revisited Alcatraz during the 1970's.

Alcatraz Inmate Clarence Carnes ("The Choctaw Kid")

Mr. Carnes was the youngest inmate incarcerated at Alcatraz. Clarence Carnes was 18 when sent to the island prison in San Francisco Bay in 1945. Time seriously does fly by.... He is also known for his participation in the 1946 failed escape attempt known as the "Battle of Alcatraz". Two guards were murdered and many were wounded during this attempted break out. The six fugitives who participated managed to take control of more than one cell house. This crazy battle was the subject of at least two movies to date and a few TV shows.

Clarence Carnes was released to federal parole in 1973 and lived in the Kansas City area after that, but his parole was revoked twice for minor infractions. Carnes was to be released from prison before his passing in 1988.

He was also very good friends with the famed mobster Whitey Bulger. When Carnes passed away on October 3, 1988, it is said that Carnes left no specific arrangements except that one friend be contacted. He had no known survivors and the government buried him in a paupers grave. I feel that the friend he wanted to be contacted is Whitey Bulger. Upon hearing the news, Whitey Bulger had Carnes exhumed and reburied in his native land of Oklahoma. See Whitey Bulger ain't so bad after all!

On November 5th, 1980, a made for TV movie was released called "Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story". It was based on Clarence Carnes life and the infamous Battle of Alcatraz.

I highly recommend you watch this film, as it has a great cast and story! It was actually filmed on location at Alcatraz, and is a great way to get a feel of what life was really like on the rock. I will include the film in this article at the bottom. Let me know what you think!

Here Is Clarence Carnes Psychiatric Summary. Lets take a look....

July 28, 1945



Received at Leavenworth April 1945, to serve 99 years for KIDNAPPING, DYER ACT etc.

Transferred to Alcatraz July 8, 1945


Race: Native Indian

PRENATAL: Parents living and well but separated

NATAL: Born in Oklahoma January 14, 1927. Normal birth.

PRESCHOOL: He was the 1st born of five children. Raised by parents.

SCHOOL: He attended Jones Academy in Oklahoma and reached 9th grade at 16 when he quit.

OCCUPATION: During vacation he and another boy held up a gas station, where he killed the station attendant and received a LIFE sentence in 1943. He could not stand the long sentence and the hard time he had at Granite Reformatory, so with two others he made his escape early in 1945. In doing so they perpetrated several crimes for which they were all sentenced to 99 years for KIDNAPPING, Dyer Act violations, etc. While still in Marshall's custody he escaped again and received another sentence of 5 years. He remained at Leavenworth from April till July when he was then transferred to Alcatraz.

PHYSICAL: This is an 18 year old Indian who has been in serious trouble since the age of 16 when he received a LIFE sentence for MURDER in Oklahoma. He has no serious illness and makes no physical complaints. He looks well and shows no signs of gross abnormalities on physical examination. He is not an ADDICT. Blood negative.

MENTAL: He is properly oriented and free from psychotic manifestations. No history of disturbance of consciousness or memory. Reasoning ability average. Judgement very faulty and he seems to act wholly on impulse without any attempt to reason things out beforehand. The MURDER charge resulted from the impulsive shooting of a gas station attendant who resisted them in an attempted hold-up. He then escaped from Granite because he was not satisfied with the sentence handed down to him and felt he was not being given fair treatment. He is impulsive and aggressive and heedless of the rights of others. Very self-centered in all he does and has never developed any social responsibility. He is of normal intelligence but emotionally unstable, so his conduct has always been erratic and poorly planned. He is still only 18 years of age and has never submitted himself to any social restrictions. He will require considerable supervision for an indefinite time. It is possible he may develop emotional maturity as time goes by, but this cannot be counted on with any certainty.

Diagnosis: Psychopathic Personality; Emotionally Unstable. IQ of 93 Romney M. Ritchey Surgeon (R) Psychiatrist.


The Whole Shocking Story

1980 TV Movie